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The following photographs were all taken by customers using products purchased from JACK THE

If you've taken a great shot using any item you bought from us, please email us a sample to display here. Whether you used one of our filters, backgrounds, flash diffusers or studio accessories... we would love to see it.

Email your photos to:

(Please note that copyright  for every image remains with the photographer. Please do not reproduce any image without the photographer's permission.)


Barri Elford

Barri sent us this wonderful shot of a waterfall. He used a Pig Iron tripod that he purchased from us.

Malcolm Mallison

Malcolm took this shot at the Appleby Horse Fair using a classic old Leica IIIa film camera with a 9cm Elmar lens. Malcolm recently purchased some split rings and some lens tissues from us.

Barri Elford - Treorci

Barri took these two excellent shots with the help of one of our Pig Iron professional tripods.


James Tappin - Wantage

James grabbed this super photo of a grebe with a stickleback in its beak at Farmoor Reservoir using a Canon EOS 700D w/ Sigma 150-600mm lens mounted on one of our Pig Iron ST-1 professional tripods.

Malcolm Mallison - Bradford

Malcolm took this great shot of Galatea at Aisgil on the ascent from Kirby Stephen. He used a Nikon FM2 with 85mm Nikkor lens and one of our extendable rubber lens hoods.


David Symonds.

David bought a Peak Design wrist strap from us and captured this excellent shot of Cornish Hill in South Ayrshire using a Fuji X-T1 with 18-55mm lens..


Malcolm Mallison.

Malcolm was trying out his new hot shoe spirit level when he took this shot of St Mary's Church in Whitby. He used a Nikon FM2n camera with a Nikkor 20mm lens.


Luis Solla de Lacerda.

Luis purchased a Pig Iron BH-1M professional tripod ball head from us and kindly sent us this superb shot. It was taken using the BH-1M ball head in Northern Portugal, near the Spanish border.



Gary Hodges - UK.

Gary recently bought a Kood 86mm UV filter from us for his Sigma 170-500mm lens. He captured this shot of Castle Coch from half a mile away using a sturdy tripod.


...and Gary also grabbed this newsworthy photo of a road accident on Friday 13th!






Malcolm Mallison - UK.

Malcolm bought a Kood adjustable lens hood from us and kindly set us the following shot of two "Steampunks" at the Whitby Gothfest. Malcolm used an Olympus OM1 35mm SLR camera fitted with a 85mm Zuiko lens.


Alan Smith - UK.

After cleaning his lens with one of our lens brushes, Alan captured this outstanding shot of a bald eagle using his Canon EOS 7D and Sigma 70-300mm lens.


Alan Dingwall - Sunderland, UK.

Another great landscape photo from Alan, this time of the Low Barnes River. 





Gary Hodges - Aberdare, UK.

Gary sent us this great studio shot after buying some of our bestselling background support clamps.




Gary Hodges - Aberdare, UK.

Gary sent us his shot of Pen-y-fan in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. Gary had recently bought one of our very popular Nikon Comfort Straps.






Richard Macdonald - Buckinghamshire, UK.

Richard kindly sent in this excellent shot. We especially love the deep green background and the detail in the flowers. Richard bought some of our special ROR Optical Cleaning Fluid and said "I would like let you know that this stuff is absolutely amazing. My optics have stayed clearer for longer and are so much easier to clean now." Now that's praise!

Richard took this photo using a Canon EOS 400D with a Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di LD Macro Lens. 



Alan Dingwall - Sunderland, UK.

Alan sent in this superb shot of the river leading up to Gibson's Cave in Teesdale. He used one of our Kood 100mm ND4 filters to achieve a shutter speed long enough to blur the movement of the water. 

Alan says: "Bowlees visitor centre is just before you get to High Force, it has a fairly large FREE car park with reasonable public toilets. The area is very picturesque in all seasons but a bit muddy in the winter. A short walk from the car park is Gibson's Cave (waterfall). It's pretty unusual to be able to stand behind a waterfall but here it can be done, obviously you get wet but not like you are actually in the fall of water.? Your route from the car parking area is reasonably flat, which follows the path of the beck towards the falls. If dry, a wheel chair could probably manage it. Just past half way there is a fairly steep set of steps and it does get a little muddy from here on in.? There are plenty of picnic tables along the beck to stop and rest if needed. ?The good thing about the place is that it is free and you get up close to the waterfall, unlike high force.? Well worth a visit if you're passing through Teesdale or just on a day out. ?There is no mobile phone signal in this area of Teesdale. (This postcode takes you right there - DL12 0XE)"

Camera: Nikon D7000 






Terence Davies - Porthcawl, UK.

Terence recently bought an Op/Tech Pro Strap from us and kindly emailed us a couple of photos. We think the light and atmosphere Terence has captured in this shot is amazing. 




Danny Porter - Lowestoft, UK.

Danny sent us this superb Digiscope shot. Digiscoping is an economical way of getting close up shots of birds and wildlife by connecting your camera to a spotting scope. For this shot, Danny connected his Canon EOS 500D DSLR camera to a spotting scope using one of our T2 mount adapters. This is a classic bird shot with an uncluttered background and nice sharp focus.





Malcolm Mallison - Bradford, UK

Malcolm sent us this excellent photo taken using his classic 70 year old Leica IIIb. He recently purchased a skylight filter and a lens hood for the beautiful old 9cm Elmar lens.





Angie Morrison - Keswick, Cumbria.

Angie bought a filter holder and a neutral density filter from us recently. On her first trip out with the new equipment she captured this lovely scene. Using the ND filter allowed her to use a slow shutter speed to blur the water.





Barbara Nash

Barbara bought one of our SD card cases and sent us this superb National Geographic style photo taken on her trip to India.




Edward Dullard - Kilkenny City, Ireland.

Edward took this gorgeous festive photograph using one of our photographic backgrounds. It's a really great shot with perfect lighting and that all important fun factor. Well done Edward!



Simon Davey - Hillingdon, UK.

Simon took this amazing shot using wireless flash bounced off one of our reflectors. Top marks for this photo! Camera: Canon EOS 7D, 1/160 sec @ f8, 42mm.




June Atherton - Warrington, UK.

June bought some of our photographic backdrops and kindly sent in these two shots.



Gary Hodges - Aberdare, South Wales

Gary bought an 8x magnifying loupe for 35mm film and sent us this shot of the Brecon Mountain Railway in Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales.


"Nedry" by Andy Parker

Taken on location at Abney Park, this is a photo from a recent promotional shoot for London based band "Nedry". Taken using a 24" shoot through umbrella (Camera low down with a Nikon SB600 attached with a hotshoe umbrella clamp), 40" shoot through umbrella (face forward, up high with a Nikon SB800 attached with hotshoe umbrella clamp.)


Andy Parker is a photojournalist based in Brighton, UK. His main subject area is concerts, although is not limited to the stadiums and rock-bar basements. His work has appeared on numerous webzines and print publications worldwide and is an avid supporter of Garage Studios (, who have nurtured his talents over the last 12 months. Andy's website is




Andy Carolan - "Hands"

Taken with a Fuji S9600, Vivitar 283 @ 1/32 power mounted on the hot-shoe with a Lumiquest Promax system (using white insert and diffuser).



Andy Carolan - "Postal Tube"

This is a shot taken looking down the centre of a postal tube (free when you buy any of our larger studio umbrellas!) Andy used the Lumiquest Promax System (attached to his flashgun using the Lumiquest Cinch Strap).



Andy Carolan

Amazing pic of what looks to be a household electric heater. Andy used the 5m flash cable he'd just bought from Jack the Hat Photographic to help get this superb shot.



Lee Stamper - Workington, Cumbria

Lee had just bought one of our camera straps and set off to try out his camera. Lee used a Canon EOS 40D with 17-85 IS lens and circular polariser filter (f/10 - 1/125, 28mm @ ISO 100)



Douglas Hill

Douglas had just purchased a new UV filter from us and managed to get this great shot of a bumble bee.



Gary Hodges - Aberdare, South Wales

Gary recently treated himself to a Nikon camera strap from us and sent us this picture of a beautiful winter sunset. You don't get many sunsets like this (especially not this summer!)




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