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Peak Design Products Explained

We often get asked about the differences between the four types of capture clip offered by Peak Design. Here we will try and explain the differences. 

There are two types of capture unit:

  1. The Capture Standard. It doesn’t have a tripod mount on the base of the clip. It comes supplied with a square black tripod plate that is compatible with most ARCA type tripods. See here:

  2. The Capture Pro. It is built to a professional standard and also has a tripod mount on the back of the clip. The Capture Pro works with all of the different plates (ARCA, DUAL, MICRO and PRO). When you buy the Capture Pro you can buy it pre-supplied with any of the following four plates:



Now we’ll try and explain the plates…
All plates will work with any camera but will only clip into certain types of tripod. 
The ARCAplate is designed to work with most tripods that use the common ARCA Swiss type plate. The ARCAplate can slot and lock into the Capture Pro in 4 different orientations.
The DUALplate will work on most ARCA Swiss type tripods and will also clip into all tripods with the popular Manfrotto RC2 fitting. The DUALplate can only lock into the Capture Pro in 2 orientations.
The MICROplate is the smallest of the plates and is designed to be used on smaller cameras such as compacts, CSC and mirrorless cameras. That way the plate doesn’t protrude from the edge of the base of the camera causing discomfort in use. The MICROplate can look into Capture Pro in 2 different orientations and is also compatible with most ARCA Swiss type tripods.

The PROplate is the newest design. It combines the best of the ARCAplate and DUALplate features in that it works with most ARCA Swiss tripods and Manfrotto RC2 heads. The PROplate locks into Capture Pro in 2 different orientations. If the user doesn’t require the Manfrotto capability there are two sections of the plate that can be unscrewed and removed. That means that the PROplate will then lock into Capture Pro in 4 different orientations.


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