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ROR Residual Oil Remover. Pro Lens Cleaning Fluid.

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Available in a 28ml dropper bottle or a larger 56ml spray bottle. Please select the one you require from the drop down box.

Most lens cleaners on the market are made up of simple ingredients like silicone, alcohol and glycerin. These solutions tend to coat the lens instead of removing the embedded pollution from the surface.

ROR Residual Oil Remover has reinvented lens care by combining a mix of natural compounds that remove the counterproductive microscopic oil residue from lens surfaces and the pores of plastic and glass.

ROR is not a lens cleaner in the usual sense. It goes beyond traditional cleaning. ROR stands for “residual oil remover” and has been specially created to emulsify the microscopic film of oil caused by environmental pollution.

Once a lens has been cleaned with ROR, you will see a noticeable difference in the brightness and clarity of your lens. Once ROR has removed microscopic oil residues, dust has nothing to attach itself to and the surface of your lens will remain clean for longer.

ROR Residual Oil Remover is safe and versatile for all delicate surfaces. ROR has been used and tested on many surfaces from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts. It has proven itself to be the finest and safest lens treatment on the market today.

Instructions for use:

The common source of damage to lens surfaces and coatings is abrasion caused by rubbing the fine dust and particles that are resting on the glass. Dry cleaning a lens like this will guarantee scratching and abrasion of the coating.

• Use a hurricane blower or a blower brush to remove any particles that are resting on the surface of the lens.

• Apply a little spray or a few drops of ROR onto the surface and let the solution settle for a few seconds. Then simply wipe gently with a lens tissue or cleaning cloth and ensure that you use as much of the clean part of the tissue or cloth each time you wipe.

• Use a clean tissue or cleaning cloth for the final wipe of the surface.


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