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Star Agitator Developing Tank Agitation Machine Mk4 Film Process

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Star Agitator Developing Tank Agitation Machine Mk4 Film Process Star Agitator Developing Tank Agitation Machine Mk4 Film Process

Introducing the Star Agitator from Star Photographic Equipment. Watch the demostration video above or by clicking here.

A 21st century revolution in home film processing. No more messy spilled chemicals, no more wet hands, no more uneven development or air bubbles on your negatives.

Film photography is on the increase. Just like vinyl records and audio cassettes, people are returning to shooting and developing their own film like never before. Processing your film at home is fun and rewarding.

The developing process involves agitation of the liquid in the developing tank. Some people shake the tank, some people repeatedly invert it and some people stir the chemicals using a central tank spindle. This usually means spilled chemicals, wet hands and a lot of mess.

Inverting the tank introdcues bubbles into the solution which can often leave permanent and unslightly blotches on your images. People sometimes bang the base of their development tanks on a table in an effort to free any stubborn bubbles from the film surface.

All of that can be avoided by using the Star Agitator. Now you can achieve more consistent results without the mess and hassle of manual agitiation.

Your chemicals are poured in and out of the developing tank as normal. You then stand your developing tank on the surface of the Star Agitator and operate the device to agitate the solution. You can agitiate the solution for as little or as long as you like and at whatever intervals you choose. A good starting point is to agitate the solution for 10-15 seconds every minute.

How does it work?

The Star Agitator sends micro vibrations up into the developing tank to agitate the chemical solution. It can be used with any type of developing tank, metal or plastic. This is not a magnetic stirrer. Magnets are not involved and no additional components need to be dropped into the developing tank. If you've ever seen one of those "Beer Surgers" used in some pubs and bars then you will have a rough idea of how this process works. 

The Star Agitators are hand built in Wales, UK. Each unit is built individually and is extensively tested. 4 rubber feet and a non-slip surface mat are included.

Every Star Agitator is powered by AA batteries (not included). Full, detailed instructions are provided and a comprehensive guarantee completes the package.

Welcome to the future of home film processing.

Manufacturer statement: "Just because the guarantee may expire does NOT mean we would not repair it after 12 months. This has been designed and built by Autistic and disabled photographers in the UK, if it should fail even after the guarantee period we will repair it for the cost of postage to and from and JUST the cost of the replacement parts that have failed due a fault and not misuse, provided you retain the original receipt and it has not been bought pre-owned."

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